Raccoons may look non-threatening. But they can spread some dangerous diseases. They are aggressive and can bite or scratch people. Here are four deadly diseases that can spread from raccoons.




Raccoon Roundworm

Raccoons can excrete roundworm eggs. The eggs become airborne as they are light. It is possible for humans to easily inhale these eggs and get infected. You need to treat this disease immediately. It can affect your central nervous system and impair organs like the brain. People can become blind or even get to a coma for this disease. Symptoms of this disease include tiredness, loss of coordination, vision and muscle control.






This infection spreads through droppings and urine. If an open cut on your body comes in contact with raccoon droppings then you may have this disease. Symptoms of this disease include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, high fever, anemia, kidney failure, etc.






Salmonella bacteria is present in raccoon feces. The bacteria can stay dormant in dry conditions. Salmonella poisoning can cause high fever, abdominal pain, and severe diarrhea.






It is a viral disease caused due to raccoons. It occurs if you get scratched or bitten by raccoons. If you live the disease untreated, it can be life threatening. You can know by looking at the raccoon whether it’s capable of spreading rabies. These raccoons will stumble like someone drunk, there will be froth forming at the mouth and they will behave violently. If you are bitten by raccoons, you should seek medical help immediately. The doctor will give a series of globulin shots in your buttocks. Globulin is capable of fighting the virus directly. You may die if you don’t take these shots.




Raccoons can carry Lyme disease as well. Lyme disease spreads during winter seasons in Europe and North America. So, you should stay away from raccoons during winter time.





It is a plague-like disease. It can be transmitted through raccoons. You will have a swollen black and blue finger if you have this infection. It can also affect your eyes. You should always wear gloves when handling dead raccoons. This way, you will reduce the chance of having this disease.

The best way to avoid these diseases is to get rid of raccoons from your area. You must seal all the entry points so that they can’t get in. You should be careful if you try to trap the animal. It is better to ask for professional help if you think there are raccoons in your home.