If a squirrel enters your house accidentally, you shouldn’t use any harsh approach to deal with it. You should know that squirrel is actually scared of you. It can run fast, jump on cabinets or go beneath your furniture quickly. There are ways to get the squirrel out of your home in a humane manner.

Help it to find its own way out

You should help the squirrel find its way out. If you have a pet in your house, you should take it out of the room where the squirrel is hiding or running. You should close all the doors of the room that leads to other parts of the house. You should open the doors and windows that lead to the outside so that the squirrel can escape.

Try humane baiting

You can bait a humane trap using peanut butter. You should set up the trap and wait for the squirrel to fall into the trap. Once you manage to trap the squirrel you should take it outside and free it.

Try the blanket method

You should wear gloves and take a blanket. Then approach the squirrel and wrap it with the blanket tight so that it can’t escape. Take it outside and remove the blanket to let the squirrel go.

Try frightening the squirrel

If the squirrel is in the chimney, then you can make loud noises at the fireplace so that the squirrel gets scared. You should encourage it to go out of the roof. You can attach a thick and long rope to the top of the chimney so that the squirrel can find a way to get down from the roof. If it is a squirrel in the attic then you should frighten them ith loud noises. You can also set up bright light and turn on music to get rid of it.

Call a professional

If the squirrel is living with babies in the attic then you should call a professional. This is because if you try to do it on your own, then you may harm the baby. One thing you can do is to wait till the baby gets old enough to get out on their own. But still, you shouldn’t take any risk and call a professional instead.

After you have gotten the squirrel out, you should look for its entry point, nests, holes, etc. and seal them so that they can’t enter again. You should cover your chimneys with chimney caps and keep doors closed when they are not in use. This way you will be able to keep the squirrels away from your home.