The opossums are often perceived as dirty and giant rat instead of a cute creature. They are considered to be minor nuisances. They can create problems if they nest near residential or commercial areas. They can disrupt your homes and gardens. They can attack pets and humans with their sharp teeth. Opossums have many interesting characteristics that people are not aware of. Here are some of the things you may not know about opossums.

Has natural immunity

Opossums are immune to rabies. So, it is unlikely that they will carry rabies. They also have partial or total immunity to the venom of rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and other snakes. Their natural immune system is very strong.

They are omnivores

They eat rodents, snails, insects, birds, frogs, fruits, plants, grains, etc. They eat human food, dog food, and cat food as well. They require lots of calcium, so they eat the skeletons of rodents.

They are smart

They have a great ability to find food and even remember where it was. So, next time they will look for food in that particular area. They can find their way through a maze very fast.

They help in pest control

As they eat slugs, snails and beetles, they can be good for your garden. They can keep cockroaches and rats away as well. Opossums can kill rats and cockroaches.

Useful tails

Their tails can adapt for grasping and wrapping around tree branches. They can even hang from its tail for a short time. They can carry grasses and things like that by looping their tail around them. In fact, they can use their tail like a hand.

They have good eyesight and smile

They have a strongly dilated pupil. Iris is around them, but the eyes appear black. The large pupils help them to adapt to their nocturnal habits. They have 50 teeth, so they have an impressive smile!

Natural defenses

Opossums can run, grown, defecate or urinate when they feel threatened. If nothing works, they play dead. These are all involuntary responses, so their natural defense system is very good. They roll over and become still. They bare their teeth and try to push the predators away.

Though opossums have many good features, they can spread disease in human. So, if you have opossums in the house you must get rid of it immediately. A professional wildlife removal company can help you in this regard. You should make sure that you seal all the entry points through which opossums may enter your home.