Wildlife looks lovely in their natural habitat, but they can be a problem in your own home. During harsh seasons like winter, these animals often need shelter and they start entering your home. Here are five tips to keep these animals out.


Don’t feed them

It may seem fun to throw leftovers to a raccoon, but soon they will start making your house their own. They tend to look for the best place to sleep and get fed. So, don’t invite them.



Make sure your yard is clean

You should clean up your yard. Trees like pecan trees can attract wildlife like squirrels. You should clean up all the falling snacks so that the squirrels and mice don’t enter your premise.



Keep your garage door shut

If the wildlife pest sees any open door, they will sneak in quickly. Garages are usually untidy and full of boxes and newspapers. So, it’s a good hiding place for these animals. So, you should keep your garage door closed.


Secure crawlspaces

Crawlspaces are great nesting places for the animal, especially during winter. You should make sure that the crawlspace door has a latch. You should check the vents to ensure that they are tight.



Check the roof

Some wildlife pests are good climbers. They can easily get into your roof. You should make sure that your chimney has a chimney cap so that the animals can’t get in there. You should check all the vents as well.

You should try to prevent wildlife entry into your house. However, if the wildlife manages to invade your house despite all your efforts, then you should call a professional wildlife removal company.