We provide different control approaches to managing wildlife and animal damage prevention. We use cost effective and legal ways of doing the work. We offer the following services.


Animals in the attic

Animals may invade the attic of your house. You may hear the scratching noises in the walls or above the ceiling. The attic is used as a nesting space by many wildlife species like squirrels, raccoons, opossums, rats, etc. It is difficult to remove these animals from this area. We remove the baby animals, the adult animals and then seal the entry holes.

Nuisance wildlife trapping

If you have unwanted animals in your home or other places, then it is necessary to set a trap to remove it. We specialize in this area. You may have a raccoon in your garbage can or skunks on your back porch. We can carefully remove these animals. We understand animal behavior and know what types of traps will work for them.

Home inspections and repairs

If you know that the animals have entered your house, then we can come for an inspection. We check every area of your house thoroughly including ground level gaps, plumbing stacks, vents, etc. We know what areas the animals can use to enter your premises. For example, raccoons open a large hole, rats can enter small holes, squirrels can chew, etc. We can make your home wildlife-proof.

We use professional-grade techniques to get rid of the animals. We have a professional staff of zoologists and biologists. Our animal control team is highly experienced. So, if you are facing a problem with such animals invading your house, then call us today!